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Welcome to CK Errand Services

Proudly Serving The Alabama Counties of St Clair and Talladega

Don't have time for grocery shopping? Get CK. Want to go out of town but need someone to look after your house? Get CK. Want somebody to wait all day on the cable guy? Get CK. Buy the wrong size underwear and now you're too embarrassed to return them? Get CK. Need to mail a letter? Get... you get the idea.

In fact, we'll do just about anything to make your life easier. We give you what no one else can... extra time.

Listed below you'll find our three core services but those are only the beginning. Click here for a full list.

CK delivers groceries to your home or place of business.

Groceries Delivered

Don't have time to make that grocery run between leaving work and getting home in time to cook before the big recital? Get CK. Or maybe you just hate buying groceries. That's okay because THAT'S what we're here for. Get CK, get groceries, get things done.

Let CK deliver your takeout order!

Takeout Delivery

Hungry but can't break away long enough to pick up your favorite takeout meal? It doesn't matter if you're working a 12 hour shift or binge-watching Sigmund and The Sea Monsters... we don't mind either way. Get CK and get fed!

Get official with CK.

Traveling Notary Service

Let's make this simple... or at least as simple as such things can be. You can come to us or we can come to you. Get CK and get official.


All prices are current as of the date and time displayed below.

  • Grocery Shopping- $25 for the first location and $5 for each additional location plus the cost of groceries. A 15% service charge will be added to order totals in excess of $250. Includes shopping, delivery and unloading.

  • Takeout Delivery- Flat delivery rate of $6 in the Talladega-Lincoln area. Minimum food order of $15 required. Tipping is not required, but is appreciated.

  • Notary Service- $5 per page. If we come to you, we charge $20 ($5 + $15 travel fee) for the first page, then just $5 for each additional page.

  • Other Services- Rates are $25.00 per hour for one assistant or two assistants for $37.50 per hour for most services.

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Other Services

★ Goodwill Drop Off ★ Post Office/Bank Runs ★ Pick Up/Drop Off Dry Cleaning ★ Workplace Food Delivery ★ Birthday Parties ★ Organize Your Home Room by room ★ Custom Gift Baskets ★ Packing Assistance ★ Film/Prescription Delivery ★ Any Shopping Errand ★ Help with Garage Sales ★ Packing/Shipping ★ Store Returns ★ Gift Wrapping ★ Return your RedBox rentals ★ Wait for service people - home or office

Meet Our Founder

Patsy Kennedy, Founder

Patsy Kennedy- Owner and Founder, CK Errand Services

As a working mom, Patsy found herself juggling family, school functions and medical appointments in addition to her full-time job. She often wished she could clone herself when it all seemed too much to handle. Since cloning is not an option and having a clone hanging around would be kind of creepy anyway, she decided she needed an affordable on-demand errand service. Only problem with that idea is that there weren't any.

So she created one.

CK Errand Services combines Patsy's 30 years in the food industry, her experience as a caregiver and her ability to juggle a busy lifestyle. Patsy knows how frustrating it can be to have a child's soccer game at three and the cable guy arriving at four. She also knows what it's like to leave work at five, go to the grocery store then come home and start cooking immediately. Most of all, Patsy knows that sometimes having a little extra help just makes life easier. Contact CK and let Patsy and her crew make your life a little easier.